BBB releases new study showing seniors being hit by lottery schemes

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A new investigation from the Better Business Bureau released Tuesday is showing sweepstakes and lottery schemes are attacking seniors at an alarming rate.

According to the BBB, in 2017, 2,820 people reported lottery scams — over 300 of which were in Texas alone — and of the 2,820 an average of $500 per person was lost.

Officials say the majority of lottery scam victims are between 65 and 74-years-old, and the crooks are getting smarter.

“These scams have evolved also, it’s not just the letter you receive in the mail that says ‘Hey, yes you’ve won sweepstakes,’ these crooks are using social media,” Wichita Falls BBB President Monica Horton said.

The BBB also has tips to avoid being caught in a scam. They say true lotteries or sweepstakes don’t ask for money.

The BBB recommends you call the company directly to see if you won or call your local state lottery agency.

Also, do an internet search for the company, name or phone number of the person who contacted you.

Officials also recommend talking to a trusted family member or your bank to stay in control of your money.

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