WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Beacon Lighthouse has promoted the economic and personal independence of the blind and visually impaired members of the community for decades.

In April, strong wind destroyed their pavilion area, a place employees often gathered together and after months of not having one, They can now gather at their new pavilion made possible by some generous local groups and an anonymous donor.

“Beacon doesn’t have just a whole lot of extra money laying around you see, and so to have all of these other service organizations, the Rotary’s and the Lions, they’ve always been wonderful to Beacon,” said retired Beacon lighthouse employee Kenny Reynolds.

Thanks to some helpful local organizations like the local Rotary clubs and the Founder Lions Club, a new pavilion now stands upright.

“That’s just our main goal, as Lion Club members and I’m sure with other organizations too as well. It’s just helping the community and helping getting them back on track,” President of the Wichita Falls Founder Lions Club said.

Now back on track, the new pavilion will provide plenty of space, and handicap-accessible tables so that this can be a space beacon can put to more use in the future.

“Of course the Rotary Motto is service above self and we’re grateful for any opportunity we have such as this to do just exactly that so we’re proud of what Beacon Lighthouse of the blind has accomplished and what they hope to accomplish in the future,” Downtown Rotary Club President Arnold Oliver said.

Plus, 20-year employee of Beacon, and now retired Kenny Reynolds says he knows this might be small for some, but to the employees its bigger than you know.

“We do get to have these special occassions every once in a while and it’s just nice to have a place to really come and sit there and chit chat and put all the work behind us for a while,” Reynolds said.

Beacon looks forward to continuing improving their facility for their team, and for this community.

All of the organizations in this story, Beacon Lighthouse, the Rotary Clubs and the Founder Lions Club could all use some helping hands. You can find more information by clicking on their names.