Bellevue Student Shows Sportsmanship at Stock Show

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A Bellevue student is turning a disappointing situation into a positive lesson for others.

Seventh grader Brennah Malear spent several months putting together a welding project to show at one of the biggest stock shows in the nation.

She was so proud of the end result, and excited to show off her hard work. But all that changed the morning of the show.

Breannah Malear is just like any other 7th grader, but she has a unique hobby, welding

“I’ve built an ATV plow, a four wheeler cattle guard, a 10 foot utility trailer,” Malear said.

And she’s become pretty good over the years, so she entered one of her projects in the San Antonio Stock Show.

“I built an eight foot welding trailer,” Malear said.

She and her family went down to San Antonio and parked the trailer outside overnight.

“My aunt went out to go move the trailer, or move the car that it was hooked onto, and it wasn’t there,” Malear said.

More than 80 hours of hard work vanished in an instant at the hands of thieves.

“I was a little mad because you wouldn’t think that something like that would happen,” Malear said.

She was already down in San Antonio, so she wanted to help two fellow students who couldn’t make it down to the show because of the winter weather.

“I decided, well, I’ll step up and show their project for them,” Malear said.

Breannah’s showmanship got her friends a fourth place finish.

“It makes parents proud when their kids help each other. It makes teachers proud. It’s great to see that in young people,” Mike Jackson, Ag teacher said.

Breannah got to show her project, too.

“I had my document book and I show it. They gave me a blue ribbon for it,” Malear said.

But perhaps the most rewarding part of this experience was the wisdom she and other students gained from it.

“Even though something bad happens to you, God has a plan. God’s gonna do it. Just go out there. Do it again,” Malear said.

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