IOWA PARK (KFDX/KJTL) — When it comes to 29-year-old Hannah Espinoza, the Iowa Park school board has decided to accept her resignation, following an alleged conversation she had with one of her students.

“She knows how to reach people in the depths of them, that I’ve never seen in a teacher, never, please don’t do this,” one parent begged during Monday night’s crowded meeting concerning, Iowa Park teacher Hannah Espinoza.

Espinoza’s blossoming career as a middle school and high school choir director now hangs in the balance as Superintendent Steve Moody and other school board members investigate inappropriate conversations between Espinoza and a 7th grader at W.F. George Middle School. They were reported to Child Protective Services, two weeks ago by a teacher in the WFISD.

According to a close family friend and former Iowa Park school board member, Jeff Watts the student reached out to Espinoza about a bad break up and needed counseling from her. While nothing sexual in nature appeared to be exchanged in these messages, Espinoza violated a strict policy in the district that frowns upon teachers texting their students.

As this policy remains firm, parents are questioning the board’s methods, and feel the punishment for this teacher is entirely too severe.

My daughter went to the New York Boston trip, she had to text teachers as a part of communication! If you can make an exception then, then why can’t you make an exception now?” one parent asked.

“I just don’t feel like her voice is being represented and I feel like if it can happen to her it can happen to a lot of people,” another parent said.

Those who have been hit especially hard by this recent shakeup include Espinoza’s husband and her students, as one cried:

“She does not deserve this at all, if you’re going to run her out of town, you’re ruining Iowa Park!”

Espinoza was initially given two options: that she turn in her resignation by Friday or the board would terminate her contract.

There is still no exact date of her resignation but it will be determined by her and her lawyer, in agreement with the board.

Superintendent Steve Moody declined to speak with KFDX about Espinoza’s investigation on Iowa Park’s texting policy between students and teachers.