A fundraiser held in Iowa Park Saturday, with hopes of sending a little girl suffering from chronic pain to the Mayo Clinic. 

We first introduced Jaydi Beirne a few weeks ago. She has suffered her entire life with a rare chronic pain in her legs and feet that causes seizure-like activity. 

“Well they planned on 200 to feed and we exceeded that within the first 45 minutes,” Michael Dozier, Jaydi’s grandfather, said. “Its been very good and it met our expectations and more.”

Jaydi’s parents, Kristin and Johnny, said they weren’t surprised by the overwhelming turnout and said they have wonderful family and friends supporting them every step of the way. 

“Mark and Tammi Patterson, who own The Prestyn, from the very beginning said we are going to do a fundraiser. Here is the place, no charge,” said Kristin Beirne, Jaydi’s mom.  

It costs $5,000 just to get in the doors at the Mayo Clinic and with the community’s help, they raised close $7,000 from the fundraiser.  

“They’ve already got the trip planned and trying to get everything going and now that the funds have come in for this to be accomplished, it’s a miracle,” said Dozier. 

“I’m excited to know what’s wrong with me,” Jaydi said.

“We’re just ready to get down there and get answers,” Beirne said. “It’s really hit us now that it’s only a few weeks away.”

“We’re pretty excited. We’re just a couple weeks away,” Johnny Beirne said.  

Jaydi’s parents said they’re just praying for a diagnosis. 

“We would really like to get down there and have a doctor say, ‘I know exactly what that is.’ We would like a fix but if we can’t get a fix, at least something that could take the pain and suffering away from her,” Beirne said. 

Hopefully in the next few weeks, it will be made a reality.

There is another opportunity to help Jaydi and her family. Tuesday, May 22 from 6 to 10 pm, Chili’s is hosting The Jaydi Beirne Give Back Event at the Wichita Falls location. Chili’s is donating 15 percent of their sales to Jaydi. All you have to do is mention Jaydi Beirne’s name.