WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — For the past five years, Kirby Middle School has performed poorly in academic ratings.

The school is now facing a complete shutdown or state takeover.

The school’s fate is laying in the accountability ratings released from the Texas Education Agency. The ratings have been delayed since the start of the school year and now blocked by a Travis County judge.

“We were disappointed because we want our ratings out so that all that hard work counts,” Wichita Falls ISD Superintendent Dr. Donny Lee said.

Dr. Lee said the current blocked ratings put Kirby in the passing column, placing the school out of year one improved required watch. A process they’ve worked on to get the former Blue Ribbon school back on track.

“We’d only have one more year to get completely out of [‘Improvement Required] status. So what that does is in essence for us is, that year doesn’t count if the ratings are not approved and so Kirby will move over to Hirschi but will still be under two years of I.R. watch,” Lee explained.

Meaning if Kirby does not get out of I.R. watch, the TEA can come in and take over the district.

“What kind of economic impacts will that have on the city? What will that look like to parents who are moving into Wichita Falls? And there the district is taken over by the TEA. That never helps anything,” Lee said.

As progress made may go unnoticed.

“We want our hard work to count and mean something and not have to worry every single year if it’s not going to count. We’re into November and we don’t even know if [2023-2024 school year] is going to count,” Lee said.

As we wait for a ruling on the new ratings to see where the school stands.