WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A handful of area hospitals rely on the Texas Blood Institute from United Regional to Kell West Hospital and more.

“So there’s a lot of patients counting on us to keep blood on the shelves,” TBI Recruitment Manager Jennifer Risinger said.

For more than two years now, the pandemic has continued to keep seats open and supplies low.

“And that’s been so hard for us to do. Just to keep those constant donations every since COVID came, but especially during the omicron surge,” Risinger said.

So those vital donors, like Eddie Moer, are here to save the day.

“I try to give blood every two weeks. I give platelets, and I just like to give blood cause it makes me feel good. I get to help somebody,” Moer said.

With the amount of area hospitals they provide blood for, Moer is helping more than just one person.

“Your neighbors are the patients. It could be your friends or family members who are in need of that blood so we can continue making sure that our hospitals are stocked because when someone needs blood that’s on the shelf, that’s going to save their life,” Risinger said.

Risinger said they aren’t just appealing to lifelong donors, they’re looking for anyone and everyone. From experienced donors to first-timers and those who just want to help during a time.

“It’s something I started about six months ago. Well, I have some friends that were giving blood and I just thought I’d take after them,” Moer said.

When everyone could use a hand.

“It just really feels good to help someone out,” Moer said.

Through February 6, those who donate will receive a free antibody test so it’s the perfect time to check out that beautiful newly renovated space!

Visit the Texas Blood Institute website for more information.