WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Parents are fired up on social media after a picture began circulating of Bowie ISD students, many are calling it distasteful.

At last Friday’s basketball game against the City View Mustang, some Bowie students were spotted in the stands wearing fruit costumes.

Students can clearly be seen in banana costumes and what some are saying were watermelon suits however Bowie Administration says they were pickle suits.

City View ISD, Tony Bushong, said kids have “dress-up days” but he has never seen anything like this.

It’s not normal at all, I’ve been here for four years and I’ve never experienced that,” Bushong said.

This has many questioning the administration at Bowie Independent School District and their view on racism and discrimination.

“At first, all I saw were the bananas and I thought that maybe they were doing fruit,” Bushong said. “But as the game went on and I noticed that they had on what I perceived as watermelons, but they were saying was pickles, I went over to the superintendent.”

Bushong said he shared his concern with Bowie’s Superintendent Blake Enlow who then told him the students have worn these costumes to other basketball games in the past.

“And I said, listen, I’m just telling you that it’s very upsetting and it’s upset a lot of people and it upset me and my wife who were at the game because we knew what it was gonna do, we knew what was gonna happen,” Bushong said.

What it did was send parents to social media demanding an apology from Bowie school leaders, and change.

Though there is no evidence to substantiate this claim, some are also saying students were making monkey sounds at the City View athletes.

In one social media post, Omarion Bradford says in part, “They feel the actions of their students are justified because they wear them at all games, even if they have, it does not mean it is appropriate to do so…”

Bushong said this was unfortunate and bad decisions were made on Bowie’s part.

In a statement Bowie ISD’s Superintendent Blake Enlow says quote:
“Bowie ISD is aware of the allegations circulating on social media regarding events at a recent basketball game. First and foremost, Bowie ISD condemns racism and discrimination of any kind in the strongest terms possible, and we take allegations of this nature very seriously. The District is conducting a thorough investigation and will take any appropriate actions to ensure that other teams feel safe when competing against our District. As the investigation is still ongoing, and due to student confidentiality laws, the District will have no further comment on this matter at this time.

“I have talked to the other superintendents in our district that we play and all of them agree that this was inappropriate so we’re not gonna see it anywhere else and our kids will be safe,” Bushong said.

Bushong said he is proud of his students for not responding to the incident and he is very sorry to both parents and students who were there.

He says he will make sure it never happens again.