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A Bowie city councilor is speaking out on a number of items he believes the city needs to fix.

About a year ago the city of Bowie passed a $2 million bond. The bond was passed to help purchase equipment and $150,000 of it was put aside to repair some of the city’s streets. North Precinct 1 City Councilor Thomas Kent said the project of repairing the streets was supposed to start six months ago and the public deserves to know where their investment stands.

“They want to know what the results are,” Kent said. “We passed the bond for $2 million for personnel and equipment. We want to know what the results are. We made an investment, and they want to see where the return is.”

Before they can repair the streets, City Manager Bert Cunningham said the city needs to repair water and sewer lines that run under some streets. He said the rain has caused the delay.

“We went down on Tarrant St. last week and got ready to revamp that from Rock St. over to Mill St. we are going to dig it all out and put it in base material, roll and pack it and repave that,” Cunningham said. “We dug out the first bit of the street and we got a huge inch and half rain.”

Another issue Kent has is with the city not allowing electrical rates to be put on the agenda when he’s requested that for the entire year. Cunningham said there has never been a request.

“They have not made a formal application to get the electrical rates on the agenda,” Cunningham said. “There’s a formal process, paperwork that has to be filled out, it has to be an actionable item something we can actually vote on.”

Kent also said residential, small and medium businesses are picking up the slack on their electric bills for big demand users.

“I would like for us to start reading the demand meters so that the people that are using the demand are getting charged for it and the residential and people that are not, get a better rate,” Kent said.

Now that Kent has brought these issues forward, the hope is they can be resolved soon.

The City Council will hear from some engineers at the next city council meeting on June 24, 2019, to answer any questions the council may have.

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