BOWIE, TX (KFDX/KJTL)—One day after a student allegedly made threats of violence towards students in the Bowie Independent School District, not even 24 hours later, another unrelated threat of violence was discovered.

Bowie Superintendent, Blake Enlow said it was a screenshot of the threat was discovered circulating on Snap Chat, and while the origin of the message is still unknown, Enlow said his staff along with the Bowie Police Department are doing everything they can to get to the bottom of this message that caused parents and staff concern in more than one school district.

Enlow said last night around 9:30, he was notified of a message circulating around students, parents, and the community, containing violent threats, one of which read, “Mark the date 5/5/2023, Friday I will make history as the top school slaughter,” but the question is where did it come from?

“And so we needed to do some investigating and it became very clear about 30 minutes that we weren’t going to get as much information as we needed to determine the origin of the chat,” Enlow said.

Enlow said ultimately, he along with law enforcement, decided to cancel school for the day, and although the message was serious and they are treating it as such, something was odd about the message.

“What we learned was that specific chat has gone all over the country, in districts in Florida, in districts in Oklahoma, and other districts in Texas,” Enlow said.

But Enlow wasn’t taking any chances.

“You can’t be wrong in a situation like this, and so I would rather, it’s kind of like when I close school for weather, I’m going to take a precautious approach so that we don’t, I can’t be wrong once, and a kids life isn’t worth any type of opportunity, even though we felt confident that this wasn’t directed at directly at Bowie ISD and our high school specifically, we needed to make sure,” Enlow said.

Whether the message was legit or not, Bowie Chief of Police, Guy Green said they are ready for whatever is thrown at them

“That’s an everyday thing for us to always be thinking about what’s going to happen at this school, could this happen, what do we do if this happens so we’re always at a heightened level I think I feel like,” Chief Green said.

Enlow said the incident is still under investigation, and although they believe it to be false, efforts won’t stop until they find the origin of the message.

School was only canceled for today. Enlow said Monday they will resume a normal school day, but they will have a heavier presence of law enforcement on campus and in the area.