MONTAGUE COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Officials with the Bowie Independent School District are working with law enforcement to investigate claims of a threat of violence directed at one of the district’s campuses.

The KFDX/KJTL newsroom began receiving calls from concerned citizens around Monday, May 1, 2023, regarding an alleged threat of violence against Bowie High School, possibly involving a firearm.

Blake Enlow, Superintendent of Bowie ISD, addressed the alleged threat in a letter sent to the parents and students of Bowie High School in a letter sent on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

“Bowie High School is aware of a Facebook post asking about a potential threat of violence aimed at BHS for Friday,” Enlow said in an email to students and parents.

District working with Bowie PD to investigate

Enlow said district officials were made aware of the threat on Tuesday afternoon, May 2, 2023, and that since then, they have been working closely with the Bowie Police Department to investigate the alleged threat.

“Law enforcement and administration are working in conjunction to exhaust all efforts to get to the bottom of it and take necessary actions,” Enlow said. “We feel Bowie HS is safe, but Bowie PD will have an extra presence at BHS beginning tomorrow.”

In an effort to be transparent and send accurate information to the Bowie High School community, Enlow included communication from Lt. Bob Blackburn of the Bowie PD that was sent to the school’s staff Wednesday evening.

Lt. Blackburn included in his correspondence an update on the investigation of the alleged threat of violence from Wednesday morning, as well as an update from Wednesday evening.

The latest on the investigation from Lt. Blackburn

In an update from Lt. Blackburn on Wednesday evening, May 3, 2023, authorities confirmed that a threat involving violence with a gun had been made against the school.

The most recent update from Lt. Blackburn revealed that Bowie High School administrators along with the School Resource Officer identified a credible witness who was able to identify a student who made a verbal threat regarding violence involving a gun.

According to Lt. Blackburn, officials were able to confirm through multiple interviews that this student made the utterances at school, to and around other BHS students.

“It is my belief, based on information provided to me, that the student may have made the utterances in response to prodding by some of his peers, the student not having openly threatened anyone specifically,” Lt. Blackburn said. “Even so, the student will be assigned consequences in accordance with the student handbook and code of conduct.”

Lt. Blackburn said the investigation by the Bowie Police Department will continue until such a time that it can be determined whether or not criminal charges will be filed against the student. He said the student was acting alone in making the threats, and that he did not have a firearm in his possession while making the threat.

“I have been asked multiple times now about weapons associated with this investigation,” Lt. Blackburn said. “NO WEAPONS were found in possession by the identified student nor were any found on campus. It is my belief, THUS FAR, that the utterances were made but no means
existed to carry them out.”

Lt. Blackburn said the investigation is ongoing, and both law enforcement and Bowie ISD officials will continue to be vigilant in their efforts to ensure the protection of both students and staff members within the district.

The threat was initially believed to be a rumor. Prior to a suspect being identified, Lt. Blackburn said he first believed the allegation that a threat was made to be baseless, as authorities initially could not find witnesses that could identify a person who made any imminent threat.

According to a prior update from Lt. Blackburn, many members of the public contacted him comparing the investigation into the alleged threat to an incident that occurred at Nocona Elementary School on Friday, April 14, 2023, leading to the evacuation of the campus. However, Lt. Blackburn said the situations are not at all the same.

“Authorities in Nocona ACTUALLY had a viable, tangible, threat made by electronic communication that necessitated the immediate evacuation of school property,” Lt. Blackburn said.

More updates to come as the investigation continues

Enlow said he anticipates sending another update to the Bowie High School community on Thursday afternoon, May 4, 2023, after receiving an update from Lt. Blackburn.

In his email to parents and students, Enlow reiterated that keeping Bowie ISD’s students and staff members safe is the most important thing.

“Student and staff safety are top priorities in Bowie ISD and we thank everyone who has assisted
through this process,” Enlow said.

Check back with Texoma’s Homepage online, as well as KFDX and KJTL on the air, throughout the night for updates from officials with Bowie ISD and the Bowie Police Department.

This is a developing story. Stick with Texoma’s Homepage for updates as more information becomes available. We anticipate an update on this situation from Bowie ISD officials daily until the investigation is concluded.