The Bowie Independent School District is under new leadership after naming an MSU graduate the superintendent.

Blake Enlow, who was named the lone finalist back in April, has three children of his own in the district and said his plans moving forward are to continue to lead the school district in the direction it is headed.

When Enlow moved to Bowie in November 2011, becoming district superintendent was not on his radar.

“It wasn’t even what I was thinking, I was gonna be a principal, enjoy that and as I got in I started working with the leadership here in the district people were encouraging me, you know we want you to think about this,” Enlow said.

While he was not easily persuaded, Enlow finally gave in and got his certification in 2014.

Enlow’s experiences date back 17 years, and he said it’s these experiences that have made him equipped to tackle the job ahead.

“Being able to say that I was the elementary principal, junior high principal and high school principal, gives you various perspectives on what students needs are, teacher’s needs are and operational needs,” Enlow said.

High school teacher Dana Polk has taught under the leadership of four superintendents in the past 25 years, and she said while change can be scary she is hopeful.

“It is important to me that we get a person with high character as our leader, I feel like that is the most important thing and I feel like we get that with Mr. Enlow,” Polk said.

Enlow said he wants to assure the community that entrusting him with this role was no mistake.

“I wanna develop leaders, I wanna develop good kids, overall well-rounded kids who are going to be able to function in society in a way that is positive,” Enlow said.

Even though he never had plans to take on the role, Enlow said he is excited to move the district forward.

Once the class of 2019 walks the stage on Friday, Enlow said his first goal as superintendent is to fill the vacancies in the school district such as Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, High School Principal, Chief Financial Officer and Elementary Principal.