Bowie man makes 3D masks to give away for free

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BOWIE (KFDX/KJTL) — Several local creators have started making and giving away masks but a mask creator in Bowie has started making a different kind of face covering.

Bowie resident Jeremy Drattlo usually uses his 3D printer for home projects. But now he has decided to use his downtime and his printer to supply those in need.

“I started with one little printer thinking ‘you know what? I can do this with my one little printer.’ And then people were like ‘Yea I want some. I want some. I want some.’ and I’m like ‘uh uh. One printer’s not gonna cut it,'” Drattlo said.

Drattlo is the man of the hour in Bowie. He first started making masks for family members and local emergency personnel but then the word got out.

“Allen Hospital asked for some of the bands to hold the masks on,” Drattlo said. “Bowie Fire Department asked for some. Nocona General asked for some. And I’ve reached out to the police department, nursing homes. Most people are very well covered. And they say ‘no give it to somebody who could really use it or really needs it.’

Drattlo adopted this mask making technique from other online mask makers and medical professionals and it’s no simple task.

“Takes about 13 inches of weather stripping,” Drattlo said as he put the stripping around the face covering. “From there i would take a hot glue gun and put hot glue all the way in here and make sure everything’s sealed up. Especially at the nosepiece. It always wants to pull off.”
Drattlo then puts the filter in place. “You can see that will push it down in there. And it snaps into place pretty tight. And that ensures a good seal right there,” Drattlo said. “There’s plenty of room for pre filters. I would put a paper towel in here sometimes. Especially if these caps are a little loose. That paper towel will help kinda wedge it in place.”

And from there Drattlo attaches the rubber bands so the headband piece can be added.

“We’ll do that on both sides. And then from there you got your band that holds it all on,” Drattlo said.

Since Drattlo can only distribute so many of these at one time, he has a suggestion for others quaranting at home.

“Anybody else capable of producing these things, I suggest do it. Help your community,” Drattlo said.

Drattlo is still receiving donations. To find out how to donate click here.

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