BOWIE (KFDX/KJTL) — The City of Bowie and the mayor are celebrating the 100th anniversary of a longtime publication with a proclamation: July 15 is the day to celebrate Bowie News’ 100th anniversary.

It’s not every day newspaper companies hit their 100th anniversary of covering and writing stories for the public.

“100 years; when I bought the company, I guess 11 years ago, I started looking, I said, ‘When do we turn our mission statement?'” CEO of Bowie News Michael Winter said. “‘Published without fear of favors since 1922’, and when I bought, I start looking, I go, ‘Wow, we are going to have 100 years.'”

It was in February of 1922 when Robert Murphy published the first community newspaper, known back then as the “Bowie Booster,” and since then, the company has worked for decades to keep their newspaper alive.

“There’s never been a good newspaper that was broke, and there never was a broke newspaper that was any good, and so the majority of my time I spent on things that most publishers don’t,” Winter said. “I spent it on revenue and circulation and things like that, know how to build audiences, also we are always looking to create other niche programs.”

Creativity is one of the things that inspires Winter to keep adding more into the business and keep attracting their audience with their newspaper and magazines.

“This company isn’t just the newspaper,” Winter said. “The newspaper is celebrating 100 years, but this company you know has three magazines I custom publish: Post Oak Media, and so all of that is kinda one of the things that draws me to the business because it allows me to be creative.”

For years, Bowie News has covered important stories from elections to sports, local news and most recently, the pandemic, something Winter said even through the challenges they have faced, he’s really proud of the team of editors and their achievements.

“We could not do it if we did not have a great team that was committed to doing the great work every single day,” Winter said. “If you look at the experience we got, I mean again, Barbara Green has been in this business as long I been, and I mean, just decades that are dedicated to the business.”

The celebration will continue through the rest of this year, with activities and prices that readers can take advantage of.