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The golf course in Bowie needs a new owner after the current owner has decided to retire and some citizens in Bowie are pushing for the city to purchase the golf course.

The course is not only used by the country club but also for fundraisers and the high school golf team. With citizens pushing for the city to do something with it, the city is considering purchasing the golf course.

As Bowie resident Charles Malone grew up playing and working the course, the green grew on him and now urges city officials to make a move to keep the golf course up and running.

Malone is one of the citizens pushing for the city to purchase the golf course in part because he said it has been such a big part of his life but also because he sees how the money spent at the course can benefit the community.

“This golf course, this is where my heart calls home,” Malone said. “I don’t mean to get emotional, but this is where I grew up. This is a part of my life. For the tournaments out here we get restaurants from town to come out here and cater. The money trickles downhill everywhere for this golf course. Tax dollars are spent here.”

City Manager Bert Cunningham said they are starting to looking into purchasing it but right now the city council is split on whether they should

“There is no middle ground,” Cunningham said. “They are either for it or against it. I’m tickled to death members of the council seem to want to have an open mind and want to know. The reason they want to know is could this be a source of revenue for the city.”

If the city does purchase the golf course, it will be some time before it starts to make money for the city.

“Number one it has to pay for itself and number two it has to make enough money to add revenue to the city,” Cunningham said. “At its present level, it would not be a source of revenue for the city for about 15 years. That’s how long it would take to pay it off, pay itself off.”

Malone said the city cannot wait too long to make up its mind on purchasing the golf 

“This place has never been in better condition. If we let it go much longer without taking the proper care of it, it is going to be so hard to get back that it wouldn’t be worth doing,” Malone said.

Malone said he does not want to see the place where he made so many memories close and for others to have the chance to make memories at the golf course, while also helping the city down the road.

Cunningham said this is all in the very early stages of making a decision, he is still looking at all of the numbers associated with the costs of the purchase, so it could be a while before a decision is made.

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