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Research shows not visiting an eye doctor regularly can lead to diseases like Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss.

Hearing the diagnosis that you will be losing your eyesight is something no one wants to hear, but losing your eyesight as an artist and a writer can be catastrophic. That hasn’t stopped Carolyn Bassham from living her life to the fullest.

Bassham loves telling stories through her art. 

“I was writing little children’s books and I’ve written three. I like to do my own pictures and the last one is very difficult. I just nearly gave up. I had the story written but trying to do the pictures was just so hard,” Bassham said.

Her creativity, put on hold when she was diagnosed with Age-related Macular Degeneration, which causes part of the back of the eye near the retina, to deteriorate. The future is bright for Bassham, who is now sharing her story through an Xplained series done by Medicine X which shows how real life patients live with their condition.

“I told them. I’d do this if I could help one person I would be so happy and they said you will help thousand and still, that was a thought. Just recently the doctor up there in California told me that already over 88,000 people have seen the film,” Bassham said. 

Bassham hopes the project will help others understand the disease and serve as a reminder that’s it’s important to visit the eye doctor.

“We are very lucky to have two retinal specialist groups here in Wichita Falls they have the means to treat the condition if it becomes treatable, specifically the wet side of macular degeneration and early detection is absolutely key to that,” Optometrist John Hayley said.   

While Bassham never knows when her vision will go, in the meantime she is enjoying her life with her family and friends. 

Even though she has pretty much had to give up painting, she still hopes to do some painting like sunsets. For the full video, click here

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