VERNON (KFDX/KJTL) — Cancelations had the Boys and Girls Club of Vernon staring at a six-figure shortfall to the end of the year.

“Thinking about having a $178,000 loss because of a canceled fundraiser, that’s huge,” executive director Sarah Hernandez said.

But the Vernon community took notice.

“It does everything for the community, it’s kind of a one stop shopping place for all the kids in the community, you’re talking about a lot of programs being cut,” Vernon Auto Group Operating Partner Chris Slaydon said.

Matching grants and donations from around Vernon and Texoma flowed in.

One of those, the Vernon Auto Group, donating the last $20,000.

“We’re part of this community, we have the privilege of actually helping out as much as we can because of the kids,” Slaydon said.

Giving the Boys and Girls Club a chance to start 2021 with a clean slate.

“That way next year we can start fresh and I think that’s the hope for everyone is that we can start 2021 on the right foot,” Hernandez said.

Operating for the last 60 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Vernon is the only after school program in Vernon.

And during the pandemic, they expanded to four sites, making that $178,000 hole look even bigger.

But, this eases the burden.

“The fact that we can count on our community helps us sleep better at night and I know that in turn it does that for the kids,” Hernandez said.

Slaydon added things like this are key to making it through these rough times.

“We always talk about buy first, buy in your community, help the local businesses out, because when the local businesses do well, they reciprocate that back to the community,”

“It is just such a great feeling knowing that we are in this position to end the year and we look forward to the future of the club for the next 60 years,” Slaydon said.

Continuing to provide a crucial place in Vernon for great futures to start.