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Proposition C could pave the way for street improvements

Deputy Director of Public Works, Teresa Rose said, “The street improvement proposition 3 in 17.3 million that will be put into three projects basically.” 

Rose continued to say the first would focus on extending Maplewood all the way to McNeil Avenue.

She then said, “The second would be the widening of Taft Boulevard which is south of Southwest Parkway and then goes to Kemp Boulevard.” 

The third component would focus on routine street maintenance.

Wichita Falls resident, Reno Collins told us, “I believe that we need street repair. Infrastructure needs to be made up to date and we are not up to date.” 

Even though some feel the price tag is too high, they see the need.

“The total amount is astronomical for our economy, in my opinion,” Collins continued to tell us, “We need better streets.”  

That’s exactly what rose said will happen if this proposition passes, and if it doesn’t, she said, “We would have to wait until we could get funding for those projects, specifically for the Maplewood extension, we would have to wait until we were able to save up enough money, the same thing for the Taft widening.” 

She finished by saying according to the road pavement condition index, on a scale from zero to 100, Wichita Falls rates at a 61, while the industry standard is 60. She said the city’s rating has declined since 2010 and it’s projected to continue to move in that direction.

If this proposition passes, a homeowner with a $100,000 home would pay an additional dollar and seventy-two cents each month.

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