WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A well known Wichita Falls personality Bubba McDaniel has been charged with deadly conduct, related to an incident on August 15 on Johnson Road in which police said shots were fired at another motorist.

Officers said they got multiple calls about gunshots from firefighters at Fire Station Number 6.

A man there told officers he was driving south on fairway about 11:40 in the morning and turned right onto johnson road behind a white pickup turning right.

He said the driver of the truck slammed on the brakes so he began driving around the car to the left.

He said he pulled over in front of the fire station and the white pickup pulled up next to him on the left and the man inside began yelling “I’ll kick your ass. Do you know who I am? I’m Bubba McDaniel!

He said a woman inside the truck was yelling “No, no, no!”

He said they exchanged obscene gestures and the man started to get out of the truck so he drove off.

He then heard two gunshots and looked in his mirror and saw the suspect in the street holding a black handgun.

Police said one shot struck the victim’s rear bumper.

A firefighter told officers he heard at least two shots and saw a white pickup speeding away.

Another firefighter heard at least one shot and went outside and found a .45 caliber shell casing.

A third firefighter also heard a gunshot and saw the pickup speed away.

And a fourth firefighter said she was in the vehicle bay and saw the pickup stop in front of the station and a man with short hair pulled out a pistol and fired shots down the road then drove off.

Each witness described the truck in detail, including a prominent sticker on the rear window.
Officers searched the area and located parked in front of a residence nearby.

They said the pickup was a white Chevrolet Silverado and was registered to McDaniel.

The victim later picked McDaniel out of a photo lineup of six men of similar age and appearance.

Police said McDaniel turned himself in on the charge on Tuesday.

McDaniel has had 12 arrests in Wichita County since 2001 including one for kidnapping, six for assault and one for terroristic threat.

In 2010 he was sentenced to one year probation for assault involving domestic violence.