WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Now that the full autopsy report has been released on the death of Wilder McDaniel, 2, his father said it just verifies what he has said for two years.

The report suggests the boy died from asphyxiation, the scene evidence and injuries could be the result of homicide and the injuries are consistent with being smothered with a pillow and some injuries could have occurred during a struggle.

It’s been nearly two years since Wilder McDaniel, 2, was found dead on the floor of the home of James Staley on Irving Place. After questions and a series of protests over the investigation, the McDaniel family still feels justice has not been served and may never be.

“Absolutely not, I feel like this is just like where people can see that the police are still not going to pursue any charges on this, and I’ve been pretty much told that it’s not going to happen,” McDaniel said. “They’re not going to pursue that at that point, and it kind of makes me look at everybody else and say, ‘Look, they’ve got all this, and they still told me the other day that they’re not going to pursue this.'”

The full autopsy report reads that Wilder was found on the floor next to his crib with apparent blood around his mouth and states there was apparent blood on the bedding and pillow inside his crib which suggests someone moved the body after he was deceased.

“There’s nothing that surprised me,” McDaniel said. “The thing is that surprises me is all the people that are just now realizing that I’ve been telling the truth the whole time. It makes me kind of go, ‘Y’all really thought I was out here just blabbing?’ I’ve got serious issues that I’ve been dealing with for years because of the things I know.”

The autopsy also reports that injuries are concerning for a homicidal death in which someone placed a pillow over Wilder’s mouth and lips.

Retired Dallas Deputy Chief Craig Miller, who has worked on over 750 homicide cases, said it’s not unusual for autopsy reports to take so long to be released, especially in open investigations.

“Some of the things that are in this autopsy report are going to be things that maybe only the person or people who committed this crime would have known. So as a criminal investigator I’m going to want to withhold as much as that information as I can to help me during my investigation,” Miller said.

Despite all the details in the 8-pages of the report under the manner of death is the one word that has haunted the family for months, undetermined.

However, the McDaniel family and friends said until justice is served, they will continue to fight for “Justice for Wilder.”