WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Wichita Falls Police said a burglar found outside a city facility told them he set off an alarm, but then had the courtesy to try to use a speaker box to let people know the alarm was going off.

According to records, Danny Almanza was arrested and charged with burglary at the city owned transportation maintenance center being built on Windthorst Road.

Wichita County Jail booking

When police arrived to check on the alarm, they said Almanza was walking away and they asked him what he was doing.

They said he told them that his whole day had gone wrong and he was making his way across town just looking for a cigarette.

He then admitted he saw open doors and started looking for a drill or anything not tied down.

He said he found a battery back and tried to disconnect it but set the alarm off, so he went outside and tried to speak into a speaker box to let people know why the alarm was going off.

Almanza served four years in prison for assaulting three officers in 2014, and was arrested in 2019
after being tased in a struggle with officers.

An officer fired two prongs of his taser into Almanza’s back, which caused him to fall, but he jumped right back up and got in a fighting stance and began growling.

Another officer fired two more prongs into his stomach and he fell to the ground.

An officer said he told Almanza to roll over, then Almanza flipped over and knocked the officer to the ground, jumped to his feet and ripped the prongs out, and got into a fighting stance again while continuing to growl.