Burk man, wrongfully accused, tells his story

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In our sit down conversation, we asked, “Talk about that day when you got arrested”

Russell Klimek told us, “I was in my truck on my way to work and I got a call saying that I was on blast about sexually…I don’t even like talking about it, saying I was on blast about touching a little girl.” 

In January, Klimek said he was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old, an incident the girl claimed happened in 2015.

He added, “I would never do nothing like that in my life and it’s making me sick to my stomach to think that that’s pointed at me because it’s something that I would never do, I have never done that, never.” 

Klimek also told us he’s unsure why the girl made up the accusation, but he says it has affected his life tremendously.

He said, “It’s killing me. I’ve lost everything because of this whole thing, I’ve lost everything. I’ve lost it all, I’ve lost everything because of this lie.” 

We told him, “When we look at your arrest records, there’s a lot here.” 

He told us, “You’re not going to see no sexual crime items or anything like that on there, I’ve never done anything like that, why start now, I mean that’s a disgusting thing.” 

Klimek said he is thankful that the case was dropped but he just wants one thing. “I would’ve never done anything like this, this is a disgusting crime anybody could ever do to a child and it goes against everything I’ve stood for and I just want my life back, I want to go back to work, I want to be back out there being somebody to society.” 

Klimek then added that has been extremely difficult to do, ever since he was put in cuffs and behind bars, for a crime, he didn’t commit.

He said since he’s been out of jail, he hasn’t been able to get a job and every search of his name online brings up the sexual assault accusation.

We also reached out to his defense lawyer who failed to comment but did mention it is not uncommon for cases like this to be dropped.

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