A Texoma school district took home a national award last week for it’s project based learning program.

Burkburnett was awarded the District Champion for 2019 from PBLWorks. Every year PBLWorks honors a school district a school and an individual for their commitment to project based learning. Burkburnett won this award because of the unique support the school district has for project based learning.

About three years ago, Burkburnett ISD started training to implement project-based learning and brought it into the classrooms two years ago.

“The work is hard, but the teachers have done really well about diving in and really getting into the work,” PBL Instructor Linda Borchardt said. “We have supported them all along the way. Is it great? It’s not absolutely great, but we are getting there every day and every time they do a project it get’s better and better.”

They were a little surprised to hear they won this award, but officials with PBLWorks explained why they chose Burkburnett.

“They said your district is very unique because you have a school board that supports it,” Borchardt said. “You have a superintendent that is behind it. All of your district leadership is behind it. We have a staff to support the teachers and they told us not many districts will do that, so that speaks very highly of Burkburnett ISD.”

Superintendent Tylor Chaplin said it has been exciting to watch this change take place and is glad to see all of the time and effort that change took rewarded.

“We were pretty excited. It’s recognition,” Chaplin said. “The award is great, but it is really recognition of the hard work our teachers and our administrator and those who support the pbl movement within Burkburnett ISD. It’s really recognition of all those efforts over the course of the last two and a half, three years.”

As great as the award and recognition is, the instructors are also excited for what the students have been learning.

“The students will remember it long after they leave the classroom because they are doing authentic work and they are doing work that could potentially impact their classroom, their campus, the district, the community so this work will stay with them long after they leave Burkburnett ISD,” PBL Instructor Casey Hunter said.

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