A 38-year-old Burkburnett woman is charged with stealing the prescription pills of a 71-year-old woman she was paid to help.

Misty Renee Pruett is charged with theft against an elderly person. Burkburnett police say the victim called to report that Pruett had stolen almost 1,000 hydrocodone pills from her home.

She said she pays Pruett to help her around the house and Pruett was the only other person who had access to the pills. She said she had saved the pills she didn’t take for pain management in the last couple of years, while still getting her monthly prescriptions.

The woman also told police that Pruett had mentioned how much the pills could be sold for on the street just three days before they were taken.

In 2007 Pruitt was arrested after Wichita Falls police say she stole a kiddie pool from the Walgreens on 9th and ran from police after the truck crashed into a post.

She has a theft conviction in 1995 and an aggravated robbery conviction in 2004.