Business is going well for the brewery that opened up there a couple of months ago. And, Nokona Gloves just completed its move into the building not long ago.  There could even be future plans for expansion.

Kenneth Kollmeyer is the owner of Nocona Beer and Brewery. Before he owned a brewery, he was the chief of vascular surgery at a hospital in Dallas. He has brought some of that precision with him to the brewery.

 “We are doing this very scientifically,” Kollmeyer said. “We are building a lab where we are going to grow our own yeast, repropagate it. We started testing the oxygen and the co2 much like I did in the operating room before and its sort of a natural thing.”

Kollmeyer said they’re working toward getting their products outside of the brewery and into stores while also working on new recipes to increase the number of beers on tap.

 “Right now, we have six. Every week we are producing a new one. We will get around ten pretty soon,” said Craig Carter the owner of the building. “We actually are going through getting each one approved, TABC approved. And we are working on distribution. We have a full canning line and we will be canning pretty soon.”

Nokona Glove moved into the building just two weeks ago with no interruption in work except a couple days right around the move.  Production is back up to full speed too.  In fact, Rob Storey, the Executive Vice President of Nokona Glove, said it could even be growing in the future

 “Business is booming,” Storey said. “Now with the new production facility, I think this will give us the additional capacity to meet demand. We never want to get big just for the sake of getting big. But we have recently introduced what is called a custom configurator on our website, so our custom glove business is expanding exponentially. We see that as the big growth area over the next year or so.”

With both of these businesses ramping up, the old Nocona Boot Factory could once again be the place to be or work in Nocona.

Right now, the brewery is open only on Saturday’s from 5-10, but hours could expand soon to include Thursday and Friday nights.