Come November, district four in Wichita Falls will have a new city councilor and another name was added to the candidate list Tuesday!

Tim Brewer is a local business owner and real estate agent who says he had thought about running in the past; but now, he has the opportunity to devote more time to the position if elected.

Brewer believes there’s an advantage to being new to running for office.

“As they use to say, you learn more by listening than talking; but I would listen to see what needs to be done,” Brewer said. “I’d like to do my part to give back and get up on everything that’s going on, to where someone in my district or anyone else asks me a question about it, I’d be able to honestly answer and give facts and figures.”

The other candidate running for that position is Nicholas Schreiber. The Windthorst native is Director of Marketing at SLA Architects in Wichita Falls.