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Candidate profile: City Councilor District 4

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Candidate profile: District 4 City Councilor Candidate

As your local election headquarters, we are putting a spotlight on key local races that you’ll be considering inside of the ballot box. As voters make their way to the polls they will notice two new names on the ballot for City Councilor District 4.

Current City Councilor Jesse Brown is not seeking re-election and that leaves newcomers.

Tim Brewer who prides himself on being a fiscal conservative and Nicholas Schreiber who said he’s determined to see the city elevate.

If you live in the southern part of Wichita Falls, you will be deciding who will be the next city councilor for District 4.

One candidate, realtor Tim Brewer believes his business background and wealth of knowledge makes him qualified for this role.

“Lifelong living here and seeing this change and come and go will give me the shot up on someone else.”

While his opponent Windthorst native Nicholas Schreiber said: 

“My willingness to listen to anybody, to meet with anybody and to openly engage with anybody”

Even though Wichita Falls has been out of the drought for years, Schreiber said it’s important to have a long-term water solution, and he believes teaming with the Tarrant regional water district to help Lake Ringgold become a reality within the next 20- to 30-years could be the answer.

“That’s gonna take a lot of money, it’s gonna take a lot of time, but it’s something the city needs to be focused on because the city must be able to survive before it can thrive.”

Brewer said a long-term goal is needed to ensure that the city is prepared in the event of another drought.

Tim brewer//d4 city councilor candidate

“Looking down the road as far as what could happen again. I think that another reservoir is needed.”

If elected, Brewer or Schreiber will be thrown into the heated and controversial debate over the construction of a full-service hotel at the MPEC.

Brewer said he will need to look further into the funding for the project. but admits a convention hotel would bring more foot traffic.

“Where there is something is happening that is creating more money for the mpec and the city economic part of it.”

With MPEC revenue and ticket sales down, Schreiber said city leaders must find ways for the MPEC to sustain itself without putting the burden on taxpayers.

“The MPEC isn’t gonna be a money-maker for the city but it needs to be a quality of life feature for the city that pays for itself.”

And with early voting underway, both candidates are promising open communication with the public should they win.

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