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Candidate Profile: City Councilor District 5

Local News

The Wichita Falls City Council District 5 seat is up in the air for 3 candidates, current city councilman Mitesh Desai, and newcomers Steve Jackson and Chris Reitsma

Candidates Desai and Jackson believe the residents in district 5, are mostly concerned with the development of the area.

Mitesh Desai said,

“We want to disperse some economic development in our area, we have a lot of industry of course Sheppard Air Force Base being there and strengthening the ties with the industrial community there.” 

Steve Jackson said,

“They are concerned about the infrastructure and property taxes and our roads. It’s terrible. I want to work for them, I want to make it better for them and make a great stronger relationship with Sheppard Airforce Base.” 

A major concern city leaders have been tackling are ways to retain the youth in Wichita Falls, councilman Desai believes that the current attempts at reviving downtown have been a strategy to appeal to the younger generation.

Desai said,

“It’s always a combination of things and good jobs and having something to do in the evenings and on the weekends always help to have people stay here.”

Jackson believes that one way to keep the younger generation in the city is to bring more businesses in town and to also have a long-term water solution.

Jackson said,

“We need more businesses. I think that with bigger jobs coming in we can keep our kids here and one of my major concerns was the water.” 

Councilman Desai understands first hand the controversy with the MPEC hotel initiative and said he is a proponent of the project.

“We can’t attract those bigger conventions because we need a place for them to stay.”

However, Steve Jackson says there are far more important things to be focused on

“We need to spend on the infrastructure and the roads of our city before we spend anywhere else.”

Early voting is currently underway and ends Nov. 2.

Reitsma was invited to appear in this piece but he declined to speak with us.

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