WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Following Gov. Greg Abbott’s calling of a special election, Senate District 30 candidates shared why they should be elected.

The Texas GOP nominated current seat holder Sen. Pat Fallon for Congressional District 4, leaving a vacancy in the state senate.

There are six candidates vying for the seat, this candidate profile focuses on republican candidates Nocona businessman Craig Carter and outgoing Denton Mayor Chris Watts.

Watts resigned as mayor with hopes of serving in a new capacity.

“That’s my passion, is to see a problem find a solution by taking the input from all the stakeholders and working out a solution that maximizes the interest for all the stakeholders,” Watts said. “We’ve done that here in Denton and I’d like to do that for the other members and citizens of District 30.”

Watts is up against five others in the race, including Old Nocona Boot Co. Factory owner Craig Carter who ran for the same spot two years ago.

“You can understand an area like Nocona, but not understand what’s going on in Denton,” Carter said. “Having grown up around Fort Worth and Dallas, in my years of flipping over 100 properties and now having close to 100 employees and having multiple locations, I understand what’s going on in Denton County and I also know what’s going on in Nocona.”

Watts also has a real estate investment company and believes he brings a perfect mix of business and servitude experience. He wants to aid rural hospitals and address a lack of high-speed internet infrastructure.

“The crisis that we have in rural healthcare, most of its trying to go to telemedicine,” Watts said. “Then when we have remote learning in our schools, if you don’t have the infrastructure to do that, you can’t do it.”

Carter is passionate about his food bank called Hope 29:11 that feeds 30,000 people a year. He wants to continue moving Texas forward in big and small areas.

“Focus on our first responders, our teachers, people that put themselves out there that are growing our economy,” Carter said. “I wanna make sure I’m finding creative solutions to expand their budgets and you expand their budgets through new tax bases.”

Carter and Watts said they have what it takes to serve the people of District 30.

“I’ve been in government for 12 years and I’ve been in government that’s at the grassroots level,” Watts said. “Any law that’s passed in the state of Texas, I have seen directly the impact of that on our citizens.”

“I’m the only person with a proven track record, I’m a businessman that has consistently found ways to be efficient,” Carter said. “Do things outside the box, change things that everyone else says can’t be done and I’ve personally done that.”

Read more about Carter’s campaign here and Watts’ campaign here.

Early voting begins Monday, Sept. 14.

Wichita County voters can vote at the Wichita County Courthouse, Commissioner 2 building, Wichita County Tax Office Substation, Sikes Senter Mall and the Commissioner 4 building.

Early voting wraps up Sept. 25, and the special election is Sept. 29.