WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Improving the east side of Wichita Falls and bringing more opportunities to town are all things these three candidates hope to work on if they’re elected into office.

“Wichita Falls used to be really really booming on this side of town but I saw a lot of things like the infrastructure has been falling apart, the streets, no businesses, so I think that’d be my inspiration as I run for city council,” said Larry Nelson, City Council District Two candidate.

“I really want to get to work on revitalizing parts of East side, East side has been neglected for a long time and I think it’s time that we seriously start looking at revitalizing it,” City Council District 2 candidate Luis Serna-Martinez said.

“Mostly I want to work on bringing more diverse perspectives to the city and help us continue to grow,” City Council 2 candidate Paul Mason Jr. said.

Larry Nelson, Luis Serna-Martinez and Paul Mason Jr. are all running for the District 2 seat which covers the eastside and parts of the northside of town, areas they say need some major attention.

“We want to get some of that 4B money for the infrastructure that’s why I want to run for City Council so that the money isn’t just used on the outside of town. I need it on the east side and the west side,” Nelson said.

“People on certain parts of district two felt like their voices weren’t being heard. They were constantly overlooked and that the local government really didn’t care about what they had to say,” Serna-Martinez said.

Mason Jr. who also agrees that improvements are necessary for the east side of town, says he would also like to work on expanding health care options here locally.

“Another thing that I would like to see is us put a pediatric center somewhere out here so we’re not having to fly our kids out to major cities for health care. We can understand [and] know that we have that here within our own city,” Mason Jr. said.

These candidates each say that they just want to do what’s best for Wichita Falls and urge their communities to get out and vote.

“Grassroots level campaigns like this just word of mouth and sharing something with family and friends that really goes a long way with these local elections. every vote counts,” Serna-Martinez said.

“I wanna make Wichita Falls great again, but when I make Wichita Falls great again I don’t want them to leave out east side. I’m not going to have that,” Nelson said.

“I just want to use the knowledge and expertise that I’ve acquired over the years to give back to my community and my hometown,” Mason Jr. said.

All three candidates say they look forward to working for the people and fixing these issues.

Early voting starts on Monday, October 18, and if you’d like to learn more about these candidates you can visit their websites to find out more information.