WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL)— 35-year-old Jenna Thornton is charged with burglary of a vehicle, forgery, and failure to identify as a fugitive.

On January 13, an employee of Burkburnett Daycare said she got in her car to go to lunch and noticed a door was open and her wallet was missing from the center console.

She was notified by her bank that her stolen credit card had been used for a purchase at the 7-Eleven just before noon.

Police also learned the card had been used to try to purchase items at a Wichita Falls Walmart, but the charge was declined, and that Thornton then attempted to shoplift and was identified in a photograph.

On Friday, deputies were called to a liquor store on Seymour Hwy about a woman trying to make a purchase with a forged check.

Deputies arrived and found Thornton at the register and when asked for I.D., said she gave them another woman’s driver’s license.

The check she was attempting to pass was made out to that woman from Sevi’s Burritos, and the deputy said Thornton told them she worked there.

However, when told he would call to confirm that, the deputy said she admitted she did not work there.

Deputies said when placed into custody, Thornton admitted who she was and a records search revealed the warrant for the car burglary.

Deputies said two more checks and a debit card belonging to someone else were found and that Thornton claimed she found them in a dumpster.

Thornton’s twenty or so previous arrests include two for fraud, three for assault, three for failure to identify, and two for assault of a police officer.

In that case, she was being arrested for a disturbance and public intoxication and bit an officer in the hand, and when she bit his other hand had to be tased by another officer to get the officer’s hand free.

Police said after being handcuffed, she still managed to resist and scratch the officer.

She was sentenced to prison in 2017 on that charge.