Cardiac Rehab (Healthy You)

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WICHITA FALLS, TX–They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but exercising each day may keep your heart disease at bay.

Down on 11th street, you’ll find united regional’s Heart Failure Clinic, where helpful nurses conduct cardiac rehab for patients who’ve experienced some sort of heart trauma.

Joyce Wolfe, a nurse in the program for several years says cardiac rehab is a monitored exercise program in which patients who’ve had a cardiac event, get back into their regular activities of daily living.

Each patient undergoes a treatment specifically designed for their heart needs. Through exercise, education and risk factor modification, patients should be seeing progress during this 12 week program with 36 sessions. 

And before people come to cardiac rehab, most come through the Catheterization Lab at United Regional’s Cardiac Institute. Physicians at the lab are standing by, ready to operate on anyone undergoing a traumatic event, like having a heart attack.

“We have our staff on call 24/7,” says Larry Dwyer, a cath lab coordinator, “that includes  cardiologist and cath lab personnel. We get here within 30 minutes and our goal is get the patient up here and open up that artery within 90 minutes from the time that patient enters the emergency room, to the time we get a balloon or stent put in that artery. Nationwide that goal is 90 minutes–here we’re averaging that time in 57 minutes.”

For 30 years, Dwyer has been a part of the cath lab and has seen impressive growth in their technology and readiness to help a patient. 

“Our place at United Regional is equal to any cath lab, really in the world,” says Dwyer, “we have state of the art equipment, we have the best stents out there, the best balloons out there, all of our cath lab personnel are trained. We can do just as well as the Metroplex.”

The Heart Clinic is located a 1631 11th Street.

If you’d like to know more about the cardiac rehab program, click here. 

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