WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Not many businesses can only open for the summer and still strive every year.

“People always ask, what do you do this time of the year?” Castaway Cove General Manager Steve Vaughn said.

Unless you’re a water park.

“Yesterday we actually started filling up the water. We’ll have to start cleaning the pool but May it will be ready to go,” Vaughn said. “It’s like opening a new business every year.”

Vaughn says when that water starts filling up, they know the real work begins.

“Getting the water in is just a different around the park. Getting everybody excited about getting open, and it gets hectic all the way up until the day that we open, last-minute stuff,” Vaughn said.

Besides some painting and shaping up here and there, Castaway Cove Aquatics Manager Lisa Macha is gearing up this year’s batch of lifeguards.

“We’re in the water all day long,” Macha said. “Learning all of our water skills, compact jumps, rescues. Right now they’re working on spinal, how to control a spinal injury in the water and get them ready so we can board them.”

While still a little more than a month away from the May 15 opening date, they’d really like to surpass 2021’s number of lifeguards.

“So we had a few more guards and we’re still working on getting those applications in and those interviews going so we can have more classes. We do have another class at the end of the month so we’re hoping that’s a big one,” Macha said.

Something Macha and Vaughn are hoping Tuesday’s job fair can help solve.

“It’s important to us. We’re going to hire over 200 people for the summer so we’d like to get people in who like to work and get the training started,” Vaughn said.

Giving hundreds the opportunity to spend a summer in the sun by filling out an application and interviewing on the spot from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the water park on April 12.

“By the end of the year, it’s really fun to watch almost how seasoned they are,” Macha said. “So the end of the season, it’s a long one and hot one but it’s a good one. We have fun.”

Click here for more information on the job fair.