Schools out for summer– and Castaway Cove is helping students start it off with a big splash!
Kenzie Meek-Beck joins us now from the water park, where the schools out bash are well underway.

Cars full of patrons were here, Well before they opened their gates at noon and their cashiers stayed busy with visitors this afternoon.

During the schools out bash at Castaway Cove, the water park was packed with patrons for the unofficial start of summer.

And every little one has their favorite part of the park.

“the wavey pool. ‘how come?’ Because I just like the waves.” Elisa Tipton, Park Patron

And of course, those who are young at heart enjoyed some of the summer fun as well!

“Well, we have a four-day break so there’s no better way to cool off than hang out with the boys at the pool.” Joshua Shepherd, Park Patron

The Park Manager, Steve Vaugh says their numbers continue to increase.

“It’s been getting a little bit higher from the years that we did have the drought scare and I think now everybody is not as concerned as they were a couple of years ago.” Steve Vaughn, Castaway Cove Park Manager

The park had to ship in water every day during the drought.

 And even though they are using city water again Vaughn says they continue to try to conserve like being mindful of watering the park’s grounds.

Meanwhile, park goers sure enjoyed splashing this hot day away.

And some people we spoke with are so impressed with all the park has to offer they are even talking about investing in a season pass.

“We might very well after finding out all of the great things they have here that’s probably  in the works.” Joshua Shepherd, Park Patron

The park is open throughout the summer until Labor day weekend and season passes will be on sale through June 4!