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Imagine a burglar going through your business, while you watch from your home, via remote surveillance cameras, as he causally picks and chooses what items he wants to steal!

That was reality for the owners of the Deli Planet early Monday morning when an intruder set off their silent alarm, which triggered the alarm company to call them and police.

While the man takes his time inside, the owners were watching him the entire time.

Now they have been sharing the surveillance video in hopes someone out there in Texoma can identify the man caught on camera.

The Deli Planet has been a mom-and-pop shop in Texoma for sixteen years, but they got popped this week by a burglar who didn’t seem to think his plan through very well.

After smashing a small sliding window, he figured out he couldn’t fit through it, so owners say he used a meat cleaver to smash in the back door.

The owner of Deli Planet, Rebecca Rutledge says, “He yanked on the safe a for a little bit, tried to get it open. He did not touch the IPAD or anything like that.”

He did grab some very expensive kitchen knives and a large tub of chipotle sauce, then he continued browsing.

That’s when he clearly figured out he needed something put his selections in.

Rutledge: “He did dump out the trash can, dumped it out. Took the liner, relined the trash can and used it as his little carrying box to go out there. I guess he didn’t want to have anything leak out and spill, so he lined it.”

He also loaded up on booze from the bar.

Rutledge: “So when he opens these cabinets, this is what he sees and that is all still sitting there. If you watch the video he kind of picks and chooses his liquor. He doesn’t really have a very expensive taste, he really chose the very, very inexpensive liquor, passed by the Texas whiskey. He took three McCormick gins and he looks in this thing five or six times while he is here.”

As Rutledge continued watching from her home, the thief left the same way he came in, with police arriving just over a minute after his departure.

She says since they are a small family business, insurance will only cover the cost of a new door, not everything the burglar took.

Rutledge says they already have some security upgrades in the works, such as installing more lighting in the back of the restaurant to hopefully deter any more break ins.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the man in this story, please call Crime Stoppers at 322-9888.

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