Cause determined in weekend Archer County grass fires

Local News
HOLLIDAY GRASS FIRE_1529277670407.jpg.jpg

One minute both sides of FM 2224 is as green as can be, the next, over 190 acres burned.

It took 7 fire departments, 30 firefighters and over five hours to put an end to three large grassfires.

Bowman VFD Fire Chief, John Strenski told us, “The fire was started due to an individual that had a blown tire on a trailer, and that individual continued on down the road for approximately six miles and started the three fires.” 

He said it took them a while to stop the flames not only because of how far the fire spread but also because of the heat. 

“Well we’re dealing with, we haven’t had rain for a little bit now, so the grasses that are out there, they’re becoming cured, so they’re becoming a lot more susceptible to fire,” Strenski.

He said no one or animal was hurt, but the news is not so good for two landowners,

“The unfortunate thing though is that the landowner, there was two landowners, two separate landowners that these fires were on, they lose that grass for their cattle,” Strenski

We spoke to Archer County Chief Deputy Simon Dwyer who told us in a situation like this one, investigators will do a thorough investigation to determine if the cause of the fires was accidental or intentional. 

He said in this case, the driver of the trailer may face possible citations or if they determine the circumstances are extreme, even arson. He added that typically it takes investigators minutes to determine if the fire was intentional or accidental. 

DPS Sergeant, Dan Buesing told us if you come across smoke from a grass fire along a road, simply slow down and turn your hazard lights on. 

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