Students from the WFISD’s Career Education Center gained more understanding of the culinary industry and knowledge of working with fresh vegetables Friday from the Regional Executive Chef from Chartwells.

With over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, Chef Paul Sottile, worked closely with students at the Career Education Center, explaining how different flavorings and ingredients impact the color, flavor, and nutrition of the food. 

“So I just wanted them to get familiar with all the other parts that go into cooking process other than just getting something to eat,” Sottile said. 

Which also includes the process of Chartwells working with local farmers and growers, helping them get approved by larger produce companies.  

“It helps them because they are able to sell more of their product and we’re able to get it and purchase it directly,” Sottile said.

Sottile said that also improves the quality of the food and boosts the economy, keeping money in the community. 

“The less something travels the better quality it’s going to be,” Sottile said. “It’s going to be at its peak for brightness, for freshness.”

Sottile also spoke about his excitement for the future generations.

“The students that come through this program are going to have an opportunity to get real hands-on skills that they’re going to be able to take out and get jobs and be leaders in the food service operations here.”

Leaders with a much better understanding of food that will lead to a healthier Wichita Falls. 

Chartwells also has a new app called Nutrislice that allows parents a chance to check out the nutritional value of the food being served to the kids and to give feedback on what they think works.