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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) —A video on social media has caused much attention, showing a woman violently swinging the mirrors of a car, that was not her own, back and forth.

Disabled Veteran Devyerre Lewis, 25, said she was sitting in her car in a parking lot, with her daughter asleep, waiting on her food when Toni Cowardin walked up, said something and slammed the mirror on the right side of her car.

Lewis said she politely asked Cowardin not to touch her mirrors but said that was when Cowardin said she would do whatever she wanted to, and continued.

“My daughter woke up screaming mommy, that’s what really got me mad,” Lewis said.

Cowardin told police that she merely moved the mirror so that she could get in her car.

Lewis said Cowardin’s frustration came from the fact that the cars were parked too closely, and from a video received, it appears Cowardin’s car was parked too close to the white line, closest to Lewis’ car.

At this moment Cowardin’s husband began to back up his car so she could get in, but she was still displeased and continued.

“Literally half her body was in my car, she was pointing, and I was like get out of my car,” Lewis said. “My daughter ended up coming up in the seat, because she was laying on the side and she was like baby go back to sleep, she didn’t really do it hard but she did touch my daughter, I said don’t put your hands on my child and she said” I’ll do whatever the F I want to.”

WFPD officer Timothy Johnson said the accused denied doing anything and apologized to Lewis however Lewis said this did not happen.

Lewis said Cowardin swung at her in the car and that was when she poked Cowardin on the nose and told her to get out of her car and started to drive off.

“As I was driving off she slammed her door into mine and it has a white smudge on my car, I was like I am calling the police,” Lewis said. “So I backed in front of their car, and the dude got out of his car and was like “you put your F-ing hands on my wife, then he got in my face and was like I got something for you.”

Lewis said while this was happening she was on the phone with the 911 dispatch when Cowardin’s husband got rowdy yelling at her that she was uneducated, and was passing multiple comments, including some about her “weave”.

Lewis said when he got too close she told the dispatcher that he was trying to put his hand on her and that’s when Cowardin’s husband walked toward the car, but the police officers pulled up and he changed his mind.

“Although a racist comment was made, I’m still not going to say they were racist,” Lewis said.

Even though the situation was escalated, many people on social media commended Lewis for her response to the altercation.

“I used to react first and think later, now I just think especially now that I have a daughter that’s looking up to me,” Lewis said.

The veteran said the one thing that bothered her the most was Cowardin’s husband’s remarks to her.

“You don’t just judge a book by its cover, just because I am a young black girl, don’t mean I haven’t experienced anything in life or that I am a nobody,” Lewis said.

Lewis said if the Cowardin’s had apologized to her she probably would not have sought charges.

A woman identifying herself as Cowardin called our newsroom this afternoon to complain about the story we posted. She declined an offer to speak on the issue.

Charges against her have not been filed at this time.

Below are the 911 calls made by both parties.

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