LAWTON (KFDX/KJTL) — The stove is hot, vegetables are chopped.

Fort Sill chefs have 45 minutes to complete a dish judged by chef Robert Irvine.

“Normally I do this on every base I go to,” Robert Irvine said.

Three sergeants from the 75th Field Artillery Brigade spiced their best dish to impress the world-renowned chef.

Bison, quinoa, figs, and other ingredients filled the chef’s mystery baskets.

“I think they will do fine. Once they get comfortable and kind of introduce themselves I feel like they will be just fine,” Staff Sgt. Chakala Joseph said.

And with time ticking.

“So you really got to think strategically how am I going to play with this, using what’s in the basket, make technical skills and what do I want that plate to look like when it’s finished,” Irvine said.

As chefs wrapped up, Irvine along with two other judges tasted each dish and critiqued each dish.

“I’m not here to be nice. I’m not supposed to be nice. I’m supposed to be critical, why am I supposed to be critical? Because as you criticize somebody in a very influential way, they work harder, they get better,” Irvine said.

After all three dishes were scored, Sgt. Romanei Williams’ bison with risotto and salted asparagus won the competition.

Although he won, he said the experience and lessons learned from Irvine are worth more than winning.

“I learned the difference between the oils. He told me I needed to put more depth on my plate, more height. He also said I needed a base, or gravy on my plate. So going forward I will be using those practices,” Williams said.

Williams said he hopes to own a restaurant or food truck in the future.