WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Enrollment is open now at Child Care Partners for kids who will need somewhere to stay while mom, dad or grandma are not available this Christmas break.

After school is out, people are still working. That’s why Keri Goins, Jimmy Awbrey and the rest of the staff at Child Care Partners are welcoming kids this Christmas break.

“We wanna be a fun place where they can continue studying if they need to catch up on work to spend their time while they are out of school,” Child Care Partners Executive Director Keri Goins said.

Awbrey, the director of Special Initiative at Child Care Partners, said they use this program to help build confidence in the children in their care.

“Whether it’s social, or it’s in their school, we’re gonna catch them up, and they’re gonna have a good time,” Awbrey said. “It’s not a school-like pressure atmosphere; that’s what they liked during Thanksgiving. I’m on their team, we’re on their team.”

One way they’re proving that they’re on the kids’ team is by allowing an opportunity for each child to attend the program through scholarships.

“Most parents are eligible as long as they are working at least 25 hours a week,” Goins said. “They can call the office and let us know the details of their situation, their work.”

Awbrey said no matter the age, each child should be reaching their full potential, and Child Care Partners will be working toward that each day through interactive learning and projects.

“We’ve got little play centers, as you see,” Awbrey said. “We’ll have them set up, we have the bigger part of the gym, we’ve got the outside.”

Awbrey and Goins urge parents to sign their kids up for what will be a worthwhile break.

The fees are $15 a day for drop-in, $65 a week for Christmas, after Christmas, spring break and summer time.

Call (940) 766-4332 or visit this link for more details.