WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A beloved teacher who wears several hats for Wichita Christian School is our Christmas Came Early recipient for Monday, December 5.

“There’s nothing she won’t do for the school,” Principal of Wichita Christian School Courtney Cummings said about Ashley Mays.

That statement is echoed by one of her students.

“As I’ve gotten to know Mrs. Mays, she is always willing to help me with whatever I need, no matter if she’s working on something, she’ll drop everything and help me with math, physics, really anything I need help with,” 11th-grade student Hannah White said.

Mays teaches Physics, Pre-Algebra, U.S. History, and anything else the kids want to learn about.

For example, when some of the kids showed interest in theatre, she taught and directed One Act Play. When her students showed an extra interest in history, she started the National History Fair. When her students showed interest in film, she taught a film class and helped them produce a commercial.

“My student who showed a really big interest in film was already doing things on YouTube and things like that,” Mays said. “So, we definitely wanted to try to bring that in and try to incorporate other students too.”

This year has also been tough for her. Her husband got a job in Oklahoma City, so she basically is a single parent throughout the week.

“He’s a school counselor, and he is working right outside of Oklahoma City,” Mays said. “Last year he worked in Lawton, so it made it a little bit easier because he could travel back and forth, but with the distance, he’s up there. He comes here on the weekends or we go there on the weekends. But, it leaves me to run three kids around all week.”

Combine all of that, and we felt she was a great recipient for our next Christmas Came Early gift.

“Are you Ashley?” Steve Fairchild from Hamilton Bryan said.
“Yes,” Mays said.
“I’m Steve Fairchild with Hamilton Bryan. How are you?”
“Very good.”
“Christmas is going to come early for you. On behalf of Hamilton Bryan and Channel 3, we would like to give you $300. We hear you wear many hats here at Wichita Christian.”
“I do, yes.”
“Well, congratulations, I hope this comes in handy for you.”
“Thank you.”

Mays admitted she was surprised but mostly thankful.

“I was very surprised,” Mays said. “It’s been a rough year, but yeah, it definitely is a surprise.”

At the end of the day, she’s deserving of this surprise because of how selfless she is and how much she cares for her students.

It’s because of that, White said she is so very thankful for her.

“She’s just a really great teacher, she’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had,” White said. “She’s very selfless, just always wanting to help her students, she really cares about all of us.”

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