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With the Christmas holiday season comes a variety of family traditions that people across the country celebrate.

Some Christmas traditions include watching your favorite Christmas movie, drinking eggnog by the fire, putting up a Christmas tree, and opening presents. But one tradition for some families is a Christmas Eve church service.

Christmas Eve church services are held at a variety of churches around Texoma. Each church may do things a little different from a candlelit service to a traditional service. Don Yeager is the pastor at Floral Heights Methodist Church in Wichita Falls where a candlelit service is held the night before Christmas.

“Lighting a candle symbolizes the light of Christ coming into the world. We celebrate his birth at Christmas and when we have the service when it’s dark then it’s really dramatic when we have the whole congregation lighting candles and singing Silent Night,” Yeager said.

Grant Scholl and his family have made a Christmas Eve service a tradition something he feels is important.

“Have our kids grow up in church and just get plugged in and they love the church here and the kids’ service. They look forward to it week in and week out. But absolutely for Christmas Eve services, it’s kind of how we get Christmas started out which is very important to us,” Scholl said. 

If you aren’t into traditional services the Wichita Falls MCC has a service for you.

“In years past we’ve done a Christmas show a week before Christmas Eve and this year we are merging the two so this Christmas Eve we will have both aspects of a fun show, some performances, there will be a party and a gift exchange afterward and also the story of Jesus’ birth,” Martinez said.

Yeager said his favorite part about having a service is to see all of the families.

“You get to see a lot of people that maybe you don’t see ordinarily. I’d say that but also when we do light the candles and sing Silent Night that’s just a very special moment,” Yeager said.

Christmas time is a great time to spend with your friends and family and a Christmas Eve service is just another way to do just that.

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