City of Seymour looking to fix trash pickup inconsistencies

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SEYMOUR (KFDX/KJTL) — Some residents in Seymour are speaking out about the inconsistencies in trash pickup. Residents said they’ve gone through periods of two weeks without their trash being picked up.

Throughout history, civilizations have buried trash, burned trash and just thrown it out into the street.

Thankfully, nowadays we can just fill a garbage can and roll it into the street for pickup, but that hasn’t been happening in the city of Seymour on a consistent basis.

“Some people didn’t get their trash picked up for a couple weeks,” Seymour resident Mark McCord said. “You can miss a pickup every now and then; it really doesn’t affect you too much. Second one, it starts to get to kind of be an issue: the trash builds up.”

“Things were going really well,” Seymour City Administrator Dr. Jeff Brasher said. “We had a few hiccups here and there, but we would call Republic Trash Services, and they were very responsive. They would respond to what our needs and concerns were.”

Knox Waste Service was the provider for the city until the company was bought out by Republic Services, the second-largest waste disposal provider in the country.

Republic officials told city officials they have had drivers not be able to work, which led to trash not being picked up. They have also told city officials that they may want to look elsewhere for trash services.

“Because Republic trash service, I guess their headquarters is a long ways from Seymour, so that might be the best option for us at this point, is to see if there’s another company that can meet our needs that’s a little bit closer,” Brasher said.

As the city looks for different options to remedy the situation, residents just want their trash picked up consistently and on time.

“Drivers been on vacation or ill or whatever, trucks broken down. You can hit a perfect storm sometimes and that can happen,” McCord said. “We just need a little more reliability.”

“We always want the best service for our community. That’s our goal is to provide the highest quality of customer service to every community member,” Brasher said. “So that is gonna be discussed at probably the next several council meetings that we have. So we’ll present some different options to our council and they will discuss that.”

As the city council weighs its options, residents can only hope trash gets picked up when it’s supposed to to keep the community beautiful.

Another option that Republic Services is proposing would be to go from two pick-ups a week to just one. This option would cut the costs the city pays the company by 75 percent.

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