City Officials Hope Recent Rain Will Boost Economic Development

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The ongoing drought has impacted so many aspects of life in Texoma and Chamber of Commerce CEO Henry Florsheim tells me he thinks the recent wet weather has had a positive influence on this community, and that in itself he says may help bring more businesses here.

“There’s been some doom and gloom, talking about well Wichita Falls is done and all this stuff,” Wichita Falls resident Dwight Yates says.

“I know a lot of people have been talking about moving because of the lakes and the rain and the drought and everything,” Wichita Falls resident Lindsay Dunlap says. 

That’s an attitude Wichita Falls residents say they hope soon disappears.

“Everything we do in terms of economic and community development relies on people’s attitudes and their perspective of what’s going on,” Florsheim says.

Florsheim says all the recent rain has helped boost resident confidence in the community, and all of the much needed rain may also help boost the economy.

“What you find is when people are happy and they have a positive attitude about things, there’s more stuff that’s going to happen in this community and that goes for local investors and for people coming out of town,” Florsheim says. 

Florsheim says since we went into Stage 4 Drought Disaster in 2013, he hasn’t heard of businesses leaving the city because of the drought but if rain continues to fall over Wichita Falls it may help bring in new businesses.

“A lot of times businesses will be hesitant to invest just because they don’t know what’s going to happen and that could be related to weather, that could be related to a new president coming into office,” Florsheim says. “That lack of certainty about what’s gonna happen next week or next month or next year is kind of a big deal and so if we can keep getting rain and ease people’s concerns about it we’ll be in much better shape.”

Just to take a look back at where we’ve been in recent years concerning the drought.

The city moved into Stage 1 Drought watch in August of 2011, then on to Stage 2 Drought Warning in June of 2012, Stage 3 Drought Emergency in February of 2013, onto Stage 4 Drought Disaster in November of 2013, and then Stage 5 Drought Catastrophe in May of 2014.

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