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CLAY COUNTY(KFDX/KJTL) — In a unanimous vote Monday morning, county commissioners declared Clay County a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

They said this is a symbolic show of resolve to protect gun owners’ rights.

County leaders said they want the federal government, its elected officials as well as all their representatives and employees to know Clay County will take no action that infringes on citizens’ rights to bear arms.

All across the state, many counties are acting to send a message to the federal government with Second Amendment sanctuary declarations and Clay County has now been added to the list.

“As the chief law enforcement officer in the county, I think it’s very important that the people who elected me and the people who I represent know my stance on the Second Amendment,” Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons said.

County commissioners acted in unanimous approval of Lemons’ resolution which he said fights back against what he said are unconstitutional and unneeded requirements and forms.

“When folks buy more than one weapon, the seller fills out an ATF form that shows a person buying more than one weapon and they take it to the sheriff office,” Lemons said. “If you’re a law-abiding citizen it is no business of the sheriff’s office how many weapons you have if you purchased them legally and you’re legal to own them.”

Lemons said while the forms will still come in, they will be filed but he will not allow his employees to use them for any purpose.

With this resolution, the commissioners’ court has affirmed its support of its chief law enforcer’s decision not to enforce any unconstitutional firearm restrictions against any citizen.

Other elected officials and candidates showed up to show their support such as 13th Congressional District Candidate Chris Ekstrom and 97th District Attorney Casey Polhemus.

“We are going to stand up for our rights as citizens and we are going to do whatever we can, especially local officials, to protect the people that we represent and we want them to know that as their leaders we are going to speak for them and are going to speak loudly until they listen,” Polhemus said.

“Right now we’re seeing the Second Amendment is being under attack the most so we just want to send a clear message to those that might consider infringing on that right that we take it very seriously and that we support the constitution,” Clay County Judge Mike Campbell said.

Lemons said he believes if all 254 counties in Texas stand firm on a resolution then he believes the state can be a Second Amendment sanctuary state.

The resolution also restricts commissioners from authorizing or appropriating funds and resources to enforce laws that unconstitutionally infringe on the right for citizens to keep and bear arms.

“Bottom line: Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens keep us all safer! There is no question about it. The position cities and counties are taking to reinforce our rights as Americans is a step in the right direction.”

State Senator Pat Fallon

Throckmorton and Young counties are among the almost 30 Texas counties that also have this in place.

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