CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Special Prosecutor Staley Heatly is expected to file notice when they go to trial against Clay County Sheriff Jeff Lyde, they’re going to introduce past offenses and possible wrongdoings by Lyde.

In November, Lyde was charged with two counts of official oppression.

The indictment alleges that in July of 2021, the sheriff intentionally held two inmates in jail longer than 48 hours, without a finding of probable cause by a magistrate.

Now, Heatly is expected to file a notice of extraneous offenses for the judge to consider.

Among the further allegations that could be introduced in court, possibly to try to prove Lyde has shown a pattern of wrong-doing and should be removed from office, is that Lyde submitted paperwork on multiple occasions with false information between April 2010 and April 2011 in Guadalupe County.

The notice states in June of 2011, Lyde improperly contacted a witness which was interpreted as an attempt to discourage the witness from cooperation with the investigator.

In July of that year, it said Lyde admitted to submitting multiple performance observation reports with false information.

And, it says during a news conference in December, Lyde claimed he resigned from DPS because he had an argument with a superior and then got a job paying double what he was making at the time, when in fact he was forced to resign or be terminated for submitted false reports and improperly contacting a witness to an investigation.

In a statement Monday night after being contacted about this expected notice of extraneous offenses Lyde said.

“I’ve got skeletons, I just don’t have a closet,” Lyde said. “These accusations, where they are partly true, are certainly not the entire story and this is DA Heatley trying to salvage a case where there isn’t one.”

Heatly was appointed on July 14, 2021.