CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Losing a parent at a young age can be difficult to get through, now imagine losing both of your parents within two years’ time.

That’s exactly what one Petrolia High School student is experiencing at the moment.

Petrolia ISD Superintendent David Hedges started a fund for the student in order to help him after he graduates from high school.

When speaking with Hedges earlier he said the news about the fund spread like wildfire and is continuing to grow more than he ever imagined, showing that the Clay County community will step up for one another during trying times.

“It’s a caring community, and they take care of each other,” Hedges said.

Something Hedges said was proven when sophomore Mason Prewitt and his sisters Morgan and M’lynn lost their mother nearly two years ago to a hard-fought battle with cancer, then two weeks ago lost their father.

That’s when Hedges says God called upon him.

“I really don’t even know what I typed, God just started running my fingers across the keyboard and posted it and I never dreamed it would spread like it spread,” Hedges said.

Hedges took to social media to encourage the livestock community to donate to a fund that will help Mason get through college or trade school. The response was phenomenal.

“To just freely want to help and to give not knowing us and not even knowing the predicament that we’ve been put in I think that it shows us there are still good people out there in a world where you don’t know if people are good or not,” sisters Morgan and M’lynn Prewitt said.

“It’s a restoration of faith in humanity to see that many people come together for somebody they don’t know and do God’s work and help this family, I mean you’ve got three of the sweetest kids in the world,” Hedges said.

In just a few days Hedges has been able to raise more than 30-thousand dollars and is still growing something M’lynn says speaks volumes about the clay county community and surrounding areas.

“This community has shown us love and support beyond what we can fathom or even imagine for anyone but particularly us and mason,” Morgan and M’lynn Prewitt said

Showing that when someone is down, the Clay County community will be there extending a helping hand.

The fund is still going and there are several ways you can donate to help the Prewitt family.

You can Venmo Petrolia ISD Superintendent David Hedges to make a donation or show support to Mason through his FFA Stock Show.