(AUSTIN)— President Donald Trump was back in Texas on Sunday to talk to farmers at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention.

In a wide-ranging speech which included references to the upcoming impeachment trial, he thanked farmers for supporting him as he negotiated trade deals.

Wes Rapaport spoke to a farmer from Clay County about Trumps visit.

The president’s visit comes just days after he signed a trade deal with China, and he’s expected to sign a new agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada, the USMCA in the coming days.

Trump said this Texas trip could not have come at a better time, for him to tout the triumphs of trade talks.

“We did it. We did it,” President Trump said.

A victory lap of sorts for president trump on trade.

“My administration is fighting for the american farmer and it’s been fighting for the farmer and the rancher every single day. And together, we’ve achieved something truly stunning,” President Trump said.

Charles Lee grows sweet potatoes, tobacco, and soy beans in North Carolina.

He wore his “make farming great again” hat to hear President Donald Trump speak.

“He cares about about the farmer,” Lee said

Lee was among the few thousand farmers from around the country in Austin, hopeful China’s new investment of 40 to 50 billion dollars in agriculture products and USMCA will boost American exports.

USMCA massively boost exports for farmers, ranchers, growers north to south, from sea to shining sea, exports of eggs to both Canada and Mexico could skyrocket by as much as 500 percent. And maybe, maybe even 1000 percent,” President Trump said. “Very importantly, Canada will finally give fair treatment to American grown wheat, which is a big deal to you people. What the hell do I know about it?”

It’s a big deal for north Texas farmer Tommy Henderson who grows wheat and runs cattle in Clay County.

“I am so thrilled that President Trump has had the backbone to do something about it for us. Yes it may hurt for a little while but it is going to be a lot better when we get done,” Clay County farmer Tommy Henderson said.

“As long as I’m president, govt won’t micromanage farmers,” President Trump said.

His messages *doesn’t sit well with everyone, Trump’s visit was met with protesters outside the event with dueling demonstrations.

Some protesting the president as his impeachment trial gets underway, and others supporting his administration.

This is the third year in a row President Trump has come to the annual convention put on by the Farm Bureau, Nashville, New Orleans and now Austin.

And he said he’d like to come back next year, it’ll be held in San Diego.