Clay County law enforcement awarded for bravery in the line of duty

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CLAY COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Clay County Deputy Breanton Chitwood is going to need a little extra space.

“Yeah, I got a little office now. I was able to move to a nicer house, so I have an office now that I use, and I just put all my stuff in there with all my little knick-knacks so I like it,” Chitwood said.

Not a day goes by he doesn’t think about the harrowing experience during a traffic stop, when his bulletproof vest stopped a suspect from claiming his life.

“Business as usual. You know, everything’s been going smooth and good, and like I said, I’m thankful for every day now and I mean, I just keep rolling I guess,” Chitwood said.

A good mindset to have in this line of work because you really never know what can happen.

“I was just kind of told to be here today, and you know, just kind of figured, they called my name, and I was like what’s going on here?” Clay County Sergeant Trent Sharp said.

“Rebecca Catlan is still alive today because of Sergeant Trent Sharp,” Sheriff Jeff Lyde said.

There’s no denying that, without knowing, Sgt. Sharp already knew the woman behind a cell phone call to 911 that hung up before connecting. The problem?

Only a general area is given, but he recognizes the community he serves.

“A week prior to this I had dealt with Mrs. Catlan. Someone had egged her house, so I went over there and helped her wash it off, so I had known she lived in that area,” Sharp said.

Better than most.

“So in the back of my head, I thought ‘well, maybe it’s the older lady that was on oxygen,’ and so I just went over there and went around the house, walked around front, and I could see that she was slumped over on her table,” Sharp said.

When Mrs. Catlan sat down, it caused a kink in her oxygen tank. Sgt. Sharp acted quickly, gaining entry to the house and providing immediate medical attention until paramedics arrived.

“And she was actually pretty bad hypoxic when I got there, but she was taken to the hospital and was okay,” Sharp said. “It’s a huge relief. We’re here to help people, and you know, a lot of times people don’t think we go out of our way. A lot of our guys that work here do go that extra mile to help their fellow man and community.”

Both of these Texoma heroes have gone the extra mile and can now pass on what it takes to act decisively in whatever the job throws at them.

“It’s always going to be there. It’s never going to go away, so I hope in the future to use my experience to help newer people when they come in the line of duty,” Chitwood said.

Clay County Constable Kirk Horton also received a certificate of appreciation from the county, for his work throughout the years at the sheriff’s office.

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