A Clay County woman will be going to prison for robbery charges out of Wichita Falls

35- year-old Trinity Noland pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

She was sentenced to 7 years for the robberies and 2 years in state jail for the drug possession.  

In 2016, she was charged along with a co-defendant with two armed robberies in 2016 in Wichita Falls.

Police say her co-defendant admitted to the robberies and said that Trinity drove the getaway car.

Police say Trinity first denied any involvement with the robberies, but after more questioning, admitted she was there.

Noland was charged in the 2016 murder of Shaun Edward Simpson at a home in Henrietta.

Noland claimed self-defense, something the district attorney and Clay County investigators said was not supported by the evidence at the scene.

That charge was eventually dismissed for lack of evidence according to the district attorney.